Mechanical Hardness Tests

nano-micro-indentation-testingHardness, Elastic Modulus, Scratch test: high precision indentation of materials by diamond points can yield a wealth of information on mechanical properties including the hardness, elasticity, creep and yield strength of polymers, metals, plastics, and coatings.  Scratch testing can be used to examine cohesive and adhesive failure, adhesion strength and crack initiation.


Matergenics nano-indentation with a motion-controlled sample stage permits mapping of surface properties.

Matergenics offers mechanical testing services tailored to specific needs and application, and/or based on the following standards:

  • ASTM E2546-07
  • ASTM C1624-05
  • ASTM D7027-05mechanical-hardness-test
  • ASTM G171 – 03
  • ASTM B578-87
  • ASTM B721-91
  • ASTM C730-98
  • ASTM C849-88
  • ASTM C1326-99
  • ASTM C1327-99
  • ASTM E384-99
  • BS 5411-6
  • ISO 4516-1980