On-site Inspection & Engineering Analysis

Corrosion Assessment of AnchorsMatergenics focused inspection and engineering analysis set us apart from the competition. We have a proud record of timely and accurate results based on factual data and engineering analysis. Together, our team works closely with the client, keeping you informed of progress at all times. Additionally, we are able to manage big data systems delivering pointed analytical results from large quantities of gathered data. Our goal is to make Matergenics your trusted inspection partner of choice.

Our inspection services bring certainty to core asset safety, performance and application, giving you accurate and independent information at every stage of your project or system life cycle. We work with a clear understanding of your needs to balance quality with speed of equipment replacement and cost-efficiency, ensuring that you continue to meet your obligations and needs.


Aging utility pole exposed to corrosive water
Aging utility pole exposed to corrosive water

Matergenics on-site Inspection includes:

  • Transmission and Distribution Utility Structures
  • Construction Materials, Rebar Corrosion and Concrete Petrographic Analysis
  • Underground Corrosion Risk, Cathodic Protection and Stray Current investigation
  • Plumbing and Water Systems in Commercial and Industrial Buildings
  • Energy Systems: Inspection and Engineering Analysis
  • Underground Oil/Gas Lines
  • Load Bearing Members Inspection
  • Water and Waste Water Facilities
  • thermal-inspection-failure-2Process Plants
  • Thermal Systems and Thermal Imaging


Our inspection capabilities range from visual, non-destructive testing, to specialized services such as corrosion assessment, mechanical strength evaluation, corrosion rate determination, materials characterization, and thermal inspection/imaging. We will provide:

  • A report  identifying and summarizing risk assessment factors, remaining life estimate of the tested structures
  • A report  identifying “Corrosion Hot Spots” and “Structural Irregularities”
  • Mitigation techniques: Coating and Cathodic Protection
  • A report recommending Engineering Solutions

Based on the identified risk factors, relevant  mitigation techniques for  components will be recommended. Mitigation methods shall include both preventive and remedial recommendations for varying degrees of degradation.

Bringing together experienced and skilled experts in utility T&D structures, building, water, product and system inspection, we take a collaborative approach to every project. We listen and act only after all data is collected, and analyzed.  We have a complete technical team of professional engineers, PhD engineers and NACE certified engineers/technicians.


Aging Utility Galvanized Lattice Towers Exposed to Sea Environment
Aging Utility Galvanized Lattice Towers Exposed to Sea Environment