Litigation Services

Matergenics offers a multi-disciplined team of experienced forensic engineers and scientists which includes Expert Technical Consultants and Expert Witness support for clients and law firms. Our Forensic Engineering group provides consulting services on non-litigation projects to insurance companies on claims as well to industry clients for in-house, non-litigation, or pre-litigation needs. Matergenics provides expertise in multidisciplinary technical analysis to determine the “Root Cause” of incidents; failure of systems and/or components; and deviations in execution of agreed terms of a project.

Forensic Engineering Expert Consulting Services

  • Failure analysis of components involving metallurgy, materials science, energy systems, and operational upsets
  • Corrosion and welding, materials science, thermal and fluidics engineering, and simulation testing in support of the above
  • Project performance review and analysis including scope, schedule, costs and control, design deviations, schedule delay analysis, and review of construction and commissioning management
  • Intellectual property issues involving engineering, systems, and components

Matergenics deliverables include Expert Reports and Testimony involving depositions and Expert Witness service at arbitrations, mediations, and court trials.

Multidisciplinary forensic investigatory services help clients in diverse industries and markets


  • Hydro power generation, utilities, and transmission lines
  • Corrosion related and structural failure
  • Mining industries
  • Petroleum production and refining
  • Petrochemicals and chemicals manufacturing plants
  • Manufacturing plants including semiconductor manufacturing
  • Pipelines and distribution systems
  • Specialty products for commercial and residential uses
  • Wastewater and waste treatment systems and plants