Calorimetry Tests

Matergenics offers accurate calorimetry and specific heat capacity measurements, with capability of simulating both isothermal and adiabatic processes, featuring a maximum sensitivity of 0.005 °C/min; operating temperature range up to 200 °C; dynamic range 50 mW to 30 W; sub-ambient operation temperature range from -40 °C to -70 °C.

We can simulate and quantify reactions with time-temperature release for any exothermic process and provide a realistic worst case simulation showing the likelihood of self-heating and the potential for a runaway.

ARC-calorimeterSample may be tested in the solid form, liquid form or slurries, pastes and mixtures, for a variety of materials/applications including:

  • Batteries, all types including: lithium-ion, NiMH
  • Phase change materials
  • Electronic components, circuit boards
  • Metals, fibers, elastomers, porous materials
  • Organic chemicals
  • Pharmaceuticals including intermediates and still bottoms
  • Peroxides materials (oxidants and dyes)
  • Monomers, epoxies and polymeric samples
  • Additives and Intermediates
  • Oil, fertilizers, paints